I was born in Croatia in 1980, where I currently live. My life used to be extremely challenging. In the toughest moments of my life, I felt deeply connected to something that might be called the Holy Spirit. As a little girl I loved lying in bed with my great grandma to talk about God and angels. I had the feeling that whatever I ask them from the depths of my soul, they would fulfill it . The thing is, I rarely asked …

When my father died in the accident in 1993, I felt his soul talking to me, telling me that he is about to die. In this way I was blessed with an unforgettable feeling of God’s presence. Then, and later in my youth, I was getting a lot of information from the Source but I was thinking of them as irrelevant, I even fought against them.

After my thirties, I started to grow. I’ve attended a lot of seminars, schools and worked with teachers that were very advanced. At the beginning I was interested in energy work, I learned about biotherapy, about modern quantum methods and about different ways of energy healing. Then I became interested in S. N. Lazarev and his Diagnostics of Karma. I enrolled in the School of Biotherapy in Ljubljana under the leadership of Tadej Pretner and Marjan Ogorevc. Meanwhile, I became the master of reiki but I have never worked strictly with the techniques I’ve learned. Always, as soon as I learned a  technique, I would immediately get information how to improve it in my own way.

Today, I work intuitively. I channel or receive information from a universal energy-information field that we call divine consciousness, Source or Abraham as Ester Hicks calls it.

In the beginning, I loved listening to Mooji on his YouTube channel, I recommend it to anyone. Then I loved to learn from Sadhguru’s Youtube  channel and for a while I listened Teal Swan. I was also watching Abraham Hicks video where I learned a lot about the law of attraction, the consciouss manifestation, how to change beliefs and the concept of vortex. The authors of the books I particularly liked were Osho, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lazarev, Neal Donald Walsh..

Life spontaneously led me to situations where I began my therapy work with people. In the first year I worked on individual karmic diagnostics and soon after that I started working with groups of people on my courses, seminars and webinars. Being a healer, therapist and a spiritual teacher has become my life work.

Today I am a spiritual teacher and a therapist, we can say a spiritual life coach. I am conducting weekly webinars or online seminars, live seminars, and intuitive energy healing and personal growth courses. Among other things, I am the author of the Youtube channel ‘Anita Zugec’. On my Youtube channel you can enjoy free, valuable information and healing energy-filled meditations that will help you change your beliefs and with that, your life. I also have Facebook page ‘Anita Zugec Spiritual Teacher, Healer’ and Instagram profile where you can find channeled messages and updates on my work.