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Anita zugec |Spiritual teacher & energy healer

Spiritual Teacher & Healer - Webinars - Love yourself - Find your true self - access from all over the world


Bring Awareness & Enjoy Transformation Through Guided Exercises

Spiritual Teacher & Healer - Course - Love yourself - Find your true self - access from all over the world


Connect With Your Soul & Make Powerful Deep Transformation and Healing

Spiritual Teacher & Healer - Individual Sessions- Love yourself - Find your true self

Individual Sessions

Unique Experience of Connecting With Your Soul

Spiritual Teacher & Healer - Workshops - Love yourself - Find your true self - access from all over the world


Feel The Joy of Transformation in Intimate Setting of a Small Group

Spiritual Teacher & Healer - Seminars - Love yourself - Find your true self

Seminars & RETREATS

Seminars that will make you shine and retreats to renew yourself!

I’m doing free energy healing sessions every Tuesday, 9 PM UK Time (at 22:00 h Zagreb) I am inviting you to join me and enjoy this session.


Energy Healing Session

Every week there is a free energy session. If you want to join please fill the information down below.
Please have in mind that every time you want to participate, you will have to apply.

I consent to having this website store use my submitted information for marketing (newsletter) purposes.

Become a Master in Intuitive Energy Healing, Channeling, Manifesting

Enjoy Discovering Infinite Potential in Yourself and the Power of Consciousness,  Connect With Life Force, God or Universal Field of Energy and Information, Learn How to Channel, How to Connect to a Wanted Reality and Manifest On Highest Level of Existence  – Vibrational Level.

Learn Energy Management, Focus Management, Energy Healing. Improve Your Intuition and Awareness. Learn to Change Beliefs in Ten Minutes Using Energy.  Remove Blockages and Learn to Clear Yourself on Conscious, Subconscious  and Other Spiritual Levels.

Read Testimonies and Fined Out More About the Master Course to Create Miracles!



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Thank you for beautifull video. Its helping me soo much ❤️ You are special one ??

Andreja C.

It is amazing with how much ease and simplicity you are transferring really useful knowledge. Thank you for that! ?❤️

Marko I.

About me

As a spiritual teacher, therapist and energy healer I am connecting you to higher knowledge, wisdom, healing energy; channeling the answers to all your questions. Teaching and guiding you trough experience to see and feel that you are divine being with intuition that serves you, with life energy that drives you. You will discover your highest potential and learn how to live it! I will show you how to transform your lack based unconscious ego into abundance based conscious wholeness.

My story
Spiritual Teacher & Healer - Anita Zugec - Workshops - Love yourself - Find your true self - Seminars - Law of attraction - Workshops - Course

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