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My name is Anita Luis, I am a coach, spiritual teacher who gives you higher knowledge and energy support, practical solutions and exercises. I have more than 15 years of experience in Croatia and Southeast Europe and I want to share my knowledge with the world. I have 2 YouTube channels, in Croatian and English, by which most of you recognize me.

On my channels you can watch personal development videos, listen to free relaxing guided meditations and participate in free and paid live sessions. This is a happy place where you will find love, wisdom, joy, high vibrations, inspiration, free guided meditations… You will learn to manage your subconscious and move to a higher level of existence, manifest your goals, align with your soul, live your ultimate life. Be the best version of yourself! Constantly change, strive for better with ease and joy, allow yourself bliss in this world, allow yourself abundance, love and appreciation. Be who you truly are! Trust life and be the creator of your beautiful life. Find inner peace and relax.

And now, it’s my hope that I can help you too…

@anitaluis.en What do you want? What do you intend? Intention is the most important tool that you can use to get anything you want in life. By setting intention, you are telling life what to do. You are the creator of your own reality. ❤️ #intention #setintentions #setintentionsdaily #focusonyourgoals #dreamlife #getthelifeyouwant #lawofattractiontips #manifestyourdreams ♬ Intentions (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Justin Bieber & Quavo] - Elliot Van Coup

Activate your Abundance

Create your own success story! Learn how to achieve your goals!

Discover how to remove the internal and emotional obstacles holding you back so you can get relieve of that feeling of being” wedged” formerly and for all!

Stop your inner critic from sabotaging you and holding you back from true happiness.

Learn new strategies and ways you can use in twinkles to ameliorate your tone- regard, focus and success habits.

Be surprised by discoveries about how to get your brain to completely engage with your pretensions and dreams rather of fighting them every step of the way.

Why stress might be the reason you haven’t achieved your fiscal pretensions. And how you can turn your stress into energy for substance and fiscal success.



It is amazing how with so much ease and simplicity you are transferring really useful knowledge. Thank you for that! ❤️

Marko I.

Thank you for the beautiful video. It’s helping me soo much ❤️ You are the special one.

Andreja C.

Thank you for the beautiful video. It’s helping me soo much ❤️ You are the special one.

Andreja C.

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