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you will grow your self-esteem and self love

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every problem, every challenge has a solution that I’m leading you towards

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What Is Spiritual Teaching?

Spiritual teaching is a kind of teaching that seeks to attain higher levels of awareness and meaningfulness of life, which, regardless of the content of education, is the same path of development of ultimate goals that lead spiritual awakening.

Become a Master in Intuitive Energy Healing, Channeling, Manifesting

Enjoy Discovering your Infinite Potential and the Power of Consciousness,  Connect With Life Force, God or Universal Field of Energy and Information, Learn How to Channel, How to Connect and use Intention. Create Wanted Reality and Manifest On Highest Level of Existence  – Vibrational Level.

Learn Energy Management, Focus Management, Energy Healing. Improve Your Intuition and Awareness. Learn to Change Beliefs in Ten Minutes by using Energy.  Remove Blockages and Learn to Clear Yourself on Conscious, Subconscious  and Other Spiritual Levels.

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About Me

My name is Anita Luis. I can’t fit into any box of who I am, but when I speak you’ll know it’s true and you’ll feel like you’re coming home because your soul is speaking to you, your heart is growing and your mind is blooming. 


You will know that the Universe is speaking to you and that you are an important part of it. You will feel that higher consciousness is enveloping you with truth, love, and support.
A life coach or a spiritual teacher would be something that describes a part of who I am.  The joy of finding yourself. I am a soul who came here to bring knowledge.
Through hypnotic meditative exercises, you prepare your ego and your mind for a more beautiful and richer life. You don’t need to hope and wait, but take life into your own hands and create what you want because you can do it! The knowledge I give you brings you power, self-confidence, and trust in yourself and life. Everything you need on this planet is already there for you: love, joy, and abundance. Enjoy your experience here!


It is amazing how with so much ease and simplicity you are transferring really useful knowledge. Thank you for that! ❤️

Marko I.

Thank you for the beautiful video. It’s helping me soo much ❤️ You are the special one.

Andreja C.

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