Personal coaching and healing session

  • Personal channeling and energy healing

Book an individual healing and coaching session that will support and heal you on mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual level. Individual session is the most wonderful thing I can recommend to you, because with only one session of counseling, guidance and treatment will give you precious information, support and energy that will serve you for months and significantly improve your psyche. It will have tremendous influence on your personal growth. 

Maybe you’re wondering what is It that I’m doing, or where do I receive the information from when channeling. I receive the energy and information from the Universal Consciousness usually called: the Source, the Life, The Universal field of energy and information, God. 

You will receive unique explanations, solutions, and guidelines that you’ll recognize as the truth. This session of personal growth and awareness you will recognize as the experience of connection with your soul, your higher self and the Source. You will experience oneness. You will recognize yourself as a wonderful, eternal soul that needs to transform karma: actually bad habits, beliefs, fears and traumas. Unwanted beliefs are habits that don’t serve you and they need to be changed, because they are the cause of low vibration and unwanted reality: contrast and problems. 

Personal coaching and healing session usually takes an hour or an hour and a half. It includes guided transformation of consciousness trough practical information and healing energy, it is kind of unique meditation channeled custom for you only. It includes affirmations and support that will make you changing reality, change personality and life. 

During the individual session you will let go a lot of traumas, physical and emotional pain when necessary. You will forgive and let go easily and simply with guidance and support that you’ll get from me as your teacher and therapist; the Source; and your soul. You will go through transformation of consciousness and energy, and also through clearing of destructive beliefs and habits in your subconscious mind and therefore automatically receive a new energy of high vibration. New energy that is coming automatically will serve you to manifest health, love, abundance. During the individual session you will learn many things that will help you to create beautiful healthy life and to focus your energy in your everyday life. The session is held via Viber, WhatsApp, phone, Skype. I will audio record everything we do and send you the recordings after the session by e-mail.
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Types of individual sessions:

  1. Individual coaching after the interview by arrangement