LIVE Group Workshops

  • If you want more, if you want to grow faster, to transform your energy and grow your awareness, especially if you have some specific issues you want to resolve as soon as possible, I recommend that you attend these LIVE Workshops

What are the benefits of this LIVE Workshops?

  • LIVE Workshops provide you with practical solutions and answers for your challenges and any questions you might have. Whether you have immediate problems like finding a dream job or long term issues like relationship with your parent, lack of confidence this practice session will help you solve it. These solutions aren’t provided on information level only, but I am also guiding you into a channeled, energy-assisted, deep transformation! You will literally go from a problem to a solution in this practice.
  • In LIVE Workshops  you are a part of a group as working in a group has numerous benefits: you share similar challenges with people in the group, you learn from each other because someone is dealing with the problem you once had. Working in a group is a powerful experience and group energy enhances your transformation. This is a valuable experience, it is interesting and extremely advanced. 
  • Feel free to ask questions during the Workshop. The Workshop duration is 100 minutes. 

Why LIVE Workshops?

  • Energy flows and heals the whole group more efficiently because there are more people focused on their well-being.
  • I have developed my own technique based on traditional and modern energy healing techniques, I have more then 12 years experience in personal growth and held over several thousand energy treatments.

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For more information on Workshops and orders contact me on info@anitaluis.com

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